This web site, fully dedicated to COVID-19, represents the contribution of the CNR-SPIN Institute to the understanding of the current pandemic. Our pages aim to provide support, on the one hand, to scientists and policy makers, and, on the other hand, to visitors willing to get a more thorough understanding of the current evolution.

Piazza Plebiscito – Naples

The CNR-SPIN Institute belongs to the CNR Department “Physical Sciences and Technologies of Matter”. Our approach to the study of COVID-19 diffusion is not supported by specific knowledge on the virus or on its effects on human health. What we bring from the world of Physics into the current study is our experience in extracting the proper information content from numerical datasets, beyond personal beliefs and simplistic interpretations.

While all our work is based on publicly available data, the originality of the approach adopted in this site lies in the non-trivial choices we pursue to analyse, display and compare such data. Accordingly, our graphs might require an extra initial understanding effort with respect to the standard plots that became ubiquitous in last weeks on the press and on the internet. The user will find numerous interactive graphs, where some display parameters can be changed, in order to focus on specific aspects and test cross correlations and ideas. Although we retain from explicit forecasts, this site provides some tools for those willing to formulate predictions and test them in the following days.

The international section mainly focuses on the COVID-19 diffusion in the major Western countries. One of its aims is to compare the performances of different countries, currently in different stages of the epidemic, in containing the spread of the virus and limiting the ultimate toll paid in terms of human lives.

The national section provides a summary of the Italian situation and a comparison of the evolution in different regions.

The simulation section provides, mainly for educational purposes, further interactive graphs allowing the user to understand and test the parameters that determine the general evolution of an epidemic.

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The CNR SPIN mission is the study of innovative materials and their application in the fields of electronics and energy. SPIN, in fact, is an evocative name and acronym for SuPerconductors, oxides and other INnovative materials and devices.